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Marvin C. Sadovsky, PhD  


Our Beliefs:

We believe in the power of relationships.

We believe that good business is driven by those good relationships. And at the heart of a good relationship, is trust and clear communication.

The world we live in today is governed by connections and communication, almost everything we do involves connection in one form or another. 

We want to help you get the most out of every connection and communication you make to help make sure your first impression isn’t your last.

Background and Client comments:

Over 38 years helping professionals achieve amazing results!

Marvin is a sought after speaker and seminar facilitator specializing in Human Behavior and Subconscious Strategies.

He is a published author:

  • “Selling the Way Your Customer Buys”

  • “Email Relationship”

  • “Email Communication”

  • “How to Sell and Become a Natural Closer”

  • Numerous audio CD programs, eBooks and articles.

Marvin is a certified Hypnotherapist; Master NLP trainer and practitioner and is a past president of the International Association of NLP (IANLP).

He is one of five US Fellow Members of the International Association of Neurolinguistic Programming based in Switzerland.

His consulting business focuses on the Behavioral and Leadership aspects of Career, Solution Coaching, Business Strategies, and Relationship Skills Training.

Much of his research focuses on factors that encourage the reaching of our highest potential and the effects of individual belief systems. NLP and Behavioral distinctions (Meta Programs) form the bases of the advanced programs he offers for leadership excellence, self-advancement technologies, NLP Certifications, Organizational Development and Leadership/Solution Coaching.  Marvin’s consulting practice is best known for helping clients reach their highest potential.

Comments about Marvin:




“The Now Click Send training I received from Marvin in Belize in 2006 has proven invaluable in my career.

Out of 90,000 RE/MAX Associates in the world, I was #1 for all of the Caribbean, Central America and South America and #26 globally. That was got 2011. the end of this month i will find out the results for 2012, but its even better. You have been a fundamental impact in my success. For that, I’m extremely grateful. Are you available for another private consult trip to Ambergris Caye, Belize? I would love for my agents to receive the same guidance and training.”


John D Turley
RE/MAX South-wind
Ambergris Caye, Belize


“I have had the pleasure to work with Marvin Sadovsky both in a private one-on-one setting and also in several “team” sessions. Both were unique and very helpful. Marvin has a way of getting you to see what’s going on inside of you (your system) without you even really knowing what is happening until later in the process.

Honestly it was with Marvin’s training and support that I was able to truly tap into a part of myself that I didn’t even know existed. Not only did it help with my relationships with my external customers, it also allowed me to create deeper more understanding relationships with everyone I came into contact with. Most of this was stimulated from my one-on-one sessions. However in our team events I was able to apply some of the training to others in our group settings, which led to an even more powerful understanding of how each of us processes information and how building deeper rapport is the key to better communication.

I owe a lot of my professional success as well as my ability to better relate to others through the support and training by Marvin. If you or anyone that works for you is struggling with how to better communicate with others or you want to get more out of them professionally, please allow Marvin the time to work with them. It will pay off many times over!”


Danny Rollins, VP


“I have known Marvin a number of years, initially as a business associate and now as a friend and contributor to our SUCCESS magazine.

Marvin has an extraordinary insight-fulness to organizational leadership challenges and opportunities. He has an amazing ability to find and offer the behavioral and leadership distinctions an organization needs to bring cohesion and significantly improve their performance. Marvin is steeped with experience only earned through the engagement of thousands of high-level executive facilitation and coaching sessions and at the same time he is innovative and on the leading edge of contemporary business strategies.”


Darren Hardy, Publisher
SUCCESS Magazine


“If you know me, you know that I detest spending money on consulting in any form. Marvin is easily the best investment I’ve ever made in outside help and I have therefore hired him multiple times in multiple roles.

He is able, even on a 30 minute phone call, to create lasting change in how peers interact, how salespeople approach customers, and how managers lead. The business impact of his coaching and seminars is undeniable. The reality of business is that human interaction underlies everything from selling to delivery to margins, and Marvin unblocks challenges in human interaction efficiently and effectively. Moreover, he is incredibly generous with his time, and humorous to boot.”


Hilary Mine, Was the Managing Director
Alcatel-Lucent Australasia and North Asia


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Marvin Sadovsky for more than 10 years. He has been a personal coach to me and to a number of team members in organizations I have been involved with.

Marvin consistently provides training and coaching on leadership and behavioral awareness that improve both personal effectiveness and organization performance. His insight into business strategies and his ability to help identify win-win business outcomes make him a highly valued contributor to any team.

Please do not hesitate to call me personally if you have questions about this personal recommendation and Marvin’s consulting expertise.”


Steve Pickett, CEO
WES Tower Communications


Many more consulting results upon request