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Leadership Strategy, LLC provides assistance in the creation of resources and strategies that build new relationship and improve relationship of existing customers, clients, and coworkers.  Our services provide models for leadership, sales and communication excellence. We design each service based on the needs and desired outcomes of our clients.

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At the a heart of any good relationship is trust and clear communication. We live in a world governed by communication where almost everything we do involves connection in one form or another. We help you get the most out of every connection and communication you make, to ensure that your first impression isn’t your last. Businesses have realized the need to invest in virtual marketing & email programs that assist with connecting clients with services,  recording processes, activity level and follow up, however they ignore a key ingredient of email engagement, relationship training. We teach you how to recognize the needs of your virtual customer and communicate with them effectively, so they become loyal and you sell more.

The program actually trains you and your teams on how to identify the hidden codes not seen between senders and receivers in emails. We’ll help you build successful relationships with your clients & customers.


.    Outcome Frame:

This specialized program offers a proven eight step process that delivers a “well formed outcome” in order to accomplish, goals, plans and future results.

 •    The Leadership Model:

This is a practical and simple behavioral process that has demonstrated and delivered teaming excellence.  This model specifically identifies leadership distinctions which are principles that relate to each specific environment and need.

 •    Sales Programs:

Based on Leaders Edge Technology™, (a specifically designed communications process) the programs are designed around specific client desires and “real life” scenarios. The skills are systematically and natural integrated as the program material is layered into place. Our belief is that learning a new and advanced system must be integrated in a way that is simple to learn and execute.

•  Communication Programs:

How We Communicate–Identifying the filters and specific human processes that control individual behaviors and how to utilize the information to build relationship.

Persuasion-learning the unconscious processes of how rapport and trust are created. Identifying hidden human motivators and creating an expanded acuity for precise responses.

Unconscious Buying Strategies and Behavior Sorting Patterns–Understanding behavior patterns that manage individual buying and decision strategies and learning how to utilize the information to motivate and move people to action.

Persuasive Language Patterns and Anchoring Insight–Creating the word combinations and physical movements that “speak” to the unconscious human processes and establish a foundation for influence.

•    Mastermind Coaching:

This is a private and confidential coaching program for professionals who seek advancement and a balanced human experience. Learn how to motivate your team and gain specific personal strategies and behavior shifts that are catalyst for leadership of self and others.

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Marvin C. Sadovsky, PhD