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Over 35 years helping professionals achieve amazing results!

Marvin is a sought after Executive Coach, speaker and seminar facilitator specializing in Human Behavior and Subconscious Strategies.

He is a published author:

  • “Selling the Way Your Customer Buys”
  • “Email Relationship”
  • “Email Communication”
  • “How to Sell and Become a Natural Closer”
  • Numerous audio CD programs, eBooks and articles.

Marvin is a certified Hypnotherapist; Master NLP trainer and practitioner and is a past president of the International Association of NLP (IANLP).

He is one of five US Fellow Members of the International Association of Neurolinguistic Programming based in Switzerland.






His consulting business focuses on the Behavioral and Leadership aspects of Career, Solution Coaching, Business Strategies, Sales Training and Executive Evaluation and Acquisition.  Much of his research focuses on factors that encourage the reaching of our highest potential and the effects of individual belief systems. NLP and Behavioral distinctions (Meta Programs) form the bases of the advanced programs he offers for leadership excellence, self-advancement technologies, NLP Certifications, Organizational Development and Leadership/Solution Coaching.  Marvin’s consulting practice is best known for helping clients reach their highest potential.