The 7 Secret Sales Strategies that Deliver Amazing Results

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The 7 Secrets that will increase your sales Volume!


How many sales training’s have you attended or sales and selling books have you read? Yes there is always something to learn or remind ourselves of a past learning yet has the information really changed over the years? Has the newest and bestselling system produced at the level you desired? I can say that if you call on a number of prospects you will close sales yet you will also not close all of them. You may even be successful with one out of seven. That is the nationally reported average. There are some sales professionals that do much better than the average. Learning the 7 Secrets are for the average producers because the top 5 percent sales professionals already use many of the 7 secrets. They naturally know how to be influential. It must be in their genetic makeup. By the way, it is also in your genetic makeup yet you just haven’t connected yet and many of us need a kick start. Kind of like an older motorcycle, we may have just missed the connection to the electric or automatic ignition. Once you get the secrets integrated in your natural behavior the responses from your prospects will be amazing. Kind of like the older motorcycle, once it gets running you are in for a great ride. If you ride please be safe and if you have never cycled then stick with your car or get a horse.

Would it be an advantage to find a secret that has not been offered to you in the past? A secret that has not been part of any training or discovered in a book. There is one book that has the secrets, the one I wrote and published a few years ago. [“Selling The Way Your Customer Buys” Amazon]


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There are 7 secrets that are a must if you want to create trust from a prospect and influence the prospect to make a buying decision if the product or service actually serves them. Here is a fact, anyone who opens their office to visit with you or provides you time to hear your presentation HAS ALREADY MADE A BUYING DECISION. With most prospects the buying decision is still at the subconscious level.

This is what I mean:

Have you ever just wanted to go to a store and look around? How many times have you left the store with a purchase?

“Yes, I am just looking” “Wow look at that_______, what a deal and I can use it.”

Much of the time the prospect is not yet consciously aware of their buying decision. The 7 secrets will help the prospect become conscious of their decision to buy and if you use the 7 secrets you will be the sales professional closing the sale.


You may be saying to yourself that this just sounds like hype, things you may have heard from other trainers and sales system providers. Well, it isn’t’t hype and over the last 35+ years the facts have proven my claims. Anything that proves itself continuously becomes a science not a coincidence. When you follow a specific process based on a new awareness which produces similar results it is called “science”. Of course the application and final integration is based on your personal decision. If you only receive the intellectual part and do not take it to HEART and apply the skills it is a self-form of personal sabotage. You must take action. As I heard repeated to me by one of my personal mentors and I will paraphrase,” The story of the Quaker Leader who said “Pray for your Divine guidance then get your feet moving”


 What are the 7 secrets? It all starts with your willingness to investigate possibilities. A friend of mine suggested that “WILLINGNESS is doing something you are not WILLING to do.” You can learn the secrets in one day yet if you want results it will take a number of days and support to shift some old habits. I will provide a way for you to receive the benefits.


 To be really successful you must integrate the simple process of awareness and within a short period of time you will begin to notice a major difference in how prospects react to you. You will notice more sales and bigger checks or rewards. We have all been taught to “do things” yet the rewards come from “doing CERTAIN things.

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